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Entry #12

Leaving Newgrounds for a While

2010-09-07 15:13:34 by MidnightAshes

Whats up people?

Unfortunately for about 2 months, I have to cram in a boatload of studying. I have an extremely important exam coming up. So I can't access the internet for about 2 months. Therefore, I won't make any posts, respond to PM's, or anything else. Well now that I finished that up, I have some thoughts and questions for you all:

1. Exactly how tanned is Snooki?
2. Why does everyone like pop crap like Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, or anything like that?
3. Does anyone still listen to either punk, rock, metal, or classical?

Today's Twisted Sayings
Judge a book by its cover. If it doesn't appeal to you, it probably didn't appeal to the publishing company. Therefore, it was given a crappy cover due to the crappy content.

Money doesn't grow on trees. However, it does multiply when given to Donald Trump.

A fool's job and his money are soon to be taken away by health care.

Well thats all I got. See ya all in two months!



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2010-09-07 15:56:03

1. Fucked if i know

2. Because thats what the television tells them to like, they havent heard anything else.

3. Hellz yeah, i do


2010-09-07 16:38:33

I'll give you 100 thousand dollars. All you have to do is reply 10-40 days from now and it's all yours.