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2010-08-29 18:42:18 by MidnightAshes

Today, I really felt like killing myself (god I'm so emo).....

First off, my mom forced me to "help" my sister with her homework. She was supposed to make a MLB pennant. My sister, being a a DSi addict, didn't even look up from her stupid game console. I named various teams until she said she liked one: The Phillies. So I got to work. After 1 dreadful hour, I finished drawing and coloring a near perfect Phillies logo (of course my sister was playing video games), I checked her folder and found something she didn't show me: The Directions. So I read them and found out something she never bothered to tell me: She was assigned to make a pennant depicting the Cubs, not the Phillies. So, I had to make another one which took another hour. Her way of thanking me? Blaring Miley Cyrus music at full volume.



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2010-08-29 19:25:05

Kill the bitch. Problem solved. Onto the next set of problems.

MidnightAshes responds:

Maybe I'll try to solve this problem legally....


2010-08-29 20:23:48

ha, arent little sisters fun?

MidnightAshes responds:

Fun isn't exactly the word I'm looking for....


2010-08-30 19:09:43


MidnightAshes responds: