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Penny for Thoughts Please!!

2010-08-13 21:44:52 by MidnightAshes

Miley Cyrus: Deep Voice Singer or Hooker?
1. My sister LOVES Hannah Montana. I saw one episode of the new season and noticed something: Miley Cyrus puts on so much eyeliner that she looks like a hooker. Did anyone notice this?

Justin Bieber Haterz.
2. I was playing around with my sister's new DSi (don't worry I had permission.), and stumbled across something. It was this one thing called Flipnote Studio (you can make animations with it). The Wi Fi had already been connected, so I tapped this green button out of curiosity. Turns out it was like a newgrounds of Flipnote animations. While browsing through, I found so many I hate Justin Bieber animations making fun of him. I personally don't like the guy, but I thought he had at least some fans. So is it the point that he has little to no fans? Did anyone notice this?

3. After reading some surveys I read that FOXNews is the most watched news network (I watch it to see Glenn Beck think that he's actually funny). However, they twist the facts so much that it makes no sense. I rather watch CNN to tell you frankly. So does FOX get so many viewers because they're the only conservative news channel? Did anyone notice this?

Leave me your answers.



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2010-08-14 02:06:00


MidnightAshes responds:

....I'm not paying a penny for that....


2010-08-16 00:02:42

1. Of all the Disney sellout whores, she is the one i hate the least.

2. Bieber has two people who pay attention to him, those who want him dead and burned, and crazy fangirls who want to bear his children

3. All media is twisted, i dont like Obama too much, but FOX is sorta outta line with its spin on it. but MSNBC is just as bad. frankly i try not to get into politics

my thoughts are worth two pennies by the way

MidnightAshes responds:

touche my friend....


2010-08-16 14:31:59

1. I've noticed it. Hell, when I was in fifth grade kids would run around the playground yelling "Miley Cyrus is a whore!" at the time I knew what it meant, but I'm sure they did. :P

2. I don't like Justin Beiber. But I know a group of girls that love him. Every time I talk to them, the use the name Justin Beiber in every sentence.

3. I have no idea. I don't watch FOX. :P

By the way, sorry for randomly commenting on your post. It's kinda my thing. ^^

` Rhi

MidnightAshes responds:

Meh; without random posts, everything here is just boring. So it's ok. I give you permission to do whatever you want on my posts (as long as it doesn't offend)

1. Well my friend tells me that Miley Cyrus said when she's 18, she wants to be a playboy bunny. That's one magazine no one will buy.

2. The only times I use his name are in sentences with the word gay and when I say something to creep people out: I sit with my knees to my chest and say: Justin Bieber makes my panties wet.....


2010-08-18 23:50:33

1. miley can do whatever she wants i don't care

2.beiber has a lot of fans actually from what ive seen at his live concerts.
but i think this just like the jeese mcartney thing,hate on the young hit pop star kid how original.

MidnightAshes responds:

1. I'm not saying I'm against Miley Cyrus's choices in life. I'm just noticing something about her.

2. Bieber will only have fans until he actually hit puberty.


2010-08-19 00:46:47

1. You figured she'd learn from other child starz. But no. And she quite young ...younger than me anyways. You can't become a sex symbol when your fan base is 6 year old girls. Its messed up. If you ask me Selena Gomez has her head on straight. *Respect*

2. I'm not a fan really of Justin . . .he's just a money making machine. But I got nothin against the little dude. The dude has swag when it comes to girls. And he's always fresh as hell. But I can't wait till his voice gets deeper man he sounds like a chick.

3. LOL I get all my news from SNL and the Colbert Report.

MidnightAshes responds:

2. If anyone could get rich from having a weird singing voice, I'd make Bill Gates look poor.

3. I love watching Seth Myers, Jon Stewert, and Stephen Colbert. But sometimes I have to watch regular news for stuff like weather reports.


2010-08-25 19:56:17

1. everone says how much a slut she is but thats just a fad thing.

MidnightAshes responds:

I guess so, but now of days she does kinda dress like a slut in order to get money.


2010-08-25 19:57:00

2. if you guys hate him so much why do you constantly talk about him.

MidnightAshes responds:

People will constantly talk about people that they hate just to put emphasize on it or because they seriously hate them. Glenn Beck hates Woodrow Wilson and puts lots of emphasize on it. I really don't know why though.