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GRRRR! Rant Time!!!!

2010-07-04 17:28:20 by MidnightAshes

Look, I have nothing against texting, its an ok form of quick communication. But it just pisses me off when some people spend their entire lives text messaging someone instead of f#$^ing calling them!! You got the damn phone so use it like its meant to be!!!! And then they make excuses:

1. Studies show that cell phones give off radiation so its safer to text. (I could get more radiation by standing one country away from Chernobyl)
2. They can understand me better if a text rather than if I call them. (Yes the person will definitely feel more scared if you text them an angry emote rather than calling them and saying F*$# You!!!)

Doesn't anyone, besides parents who can't control their teenage children agree? Anyone?


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